Elijah is 6

January 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Our oldest is 6 today! I know every parent says it, but squeeze them tight because it goes by so fast! For now I will enjoy the free-flowing hugs, kisses and snuggles because I know they wont be as easy to get as he gets older. Elijah loves to be carried and it is definitely getting harder to do! About a month ago I had just carried Eli to bed and as he was lying in he says, "every night I look down at me feet and I say I'm getting bigger -- my feet are almost touching the end of the bed." I responded, "I know, Eli, your getting so heavy I can hardly lift you!"  Then he said the sweetest thing, "Don't say that! When you say that it makes me feel like a big boy who won't get carried anymore!" I might have cried ;) 'cause that is exactly how I feel. We miss him so much while he is at kindergarten! He is becoming such a big boy. John and I are always giving each other looks every time he does something that seems so much older! He's really becoming his own person! 

Happy Birthday to my sweet, take charge "goofball!" You bring so much joy to our lives! You are so loved! Please stay my baby forever!



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