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Elijah's Birthday Party

February 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

When we asked Elijah what he wanted for his birthday party theme it came as no surprise when he told us Star Wars. For weeks (months, even) he was so excited about having his first birthday party with friends from school attending along with his family. Everyday he would come home from school anxious to tell us about another one of his friends who was going to attend his party.  As his actual birthday drew near, he could hardly contain the excitement anymore.  Party favors had been purchased and we had explored every inch of Pinterest to come up with some pretty cool ideas to make his party a success.

Unfortunately, on his actual birthday (the day BEFORE his big party), Elijah developed a pretty bad ear infection.  Like a trooper, he still wanted to go to school - since he was supposed to bring our family pug, Penny, in for Show-and-Tell and bring in cupcakes to share with his classmates, too.  When we arrived at school for his party, our little Bubby looked so pale and "out of sorts."  To make matters worse, the fluid membrane around his eardrum burst during our school visit.  Following cupcakes we decided to take him home for some much needed rest (and his second dosage of antibiotics).

The next morning would be the real test: Party Day! Elijah still seemed to be a little sluggish and in a lot of pain when he woke up. But come party time- by the grace of God- he was a totally different kid.  He ran around yielding "pool noodle light sabers" with his friends, having the time of his life! He was equally excited to show off his Stormtrooper cake! (Big shout out to Allison Jones for her amazing work!)  Overall, the party was a big hit. The kids made Star Wars-themed crafts, ducked and dodged their way through the "Laser Beam" maze, played Pin-the-Light-Saber-on-Yoda, and ran around role-playing scenes from the Star Wars movies. Even the parents got in on the fun when we broke out the Star Wars party masks!

It was great to see Elijah in his element, having the time of his life with his friends and family.  Once the party was over, and the final Stormtrooper balloons had been popped, Elijah came back down to earth.  His ear began to bother him again, but he didn't let it dampen his spirits.  There were plenty of new toys to distract him and occupy his attention.

*Thank you to Nana, Bompie, Jessica, Marion, Grandpa and Grandma (and everyone else) for all your help!



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